Welcome to Science of Reincarnation - an open-source book that exists to explain the great mystery of why we are here on earth.

Hi Family

Dear Sisters and Brothers the year is 2020 and it is now time for humanity to awaken to the true nature of reality and learn the science of reincarnation.

Science has become the modern world's arbiter of truth. The scientific method is a beautiful thing - using science humanity has reimagined the world and created a society of abundance and incredible technology. Technology that now threatens our very existence - oh no! There is some good news: today we have the science to support, argue and explain the concept of the soul, past lives (known as reincarnation) and more.

There is one race: the human race. There is one family: the human family. Thanks for being my family. I luv yew. Namaste.

Table of Contents

i. The 9 Sacred Truths

ii. The Physics of God

iii. The Science of Reincarnation

iv. The Science of Thought and Magic

v. Quantum Biology & Sacred Geometry

vi. The Psychedelic Origin of Religion

vii. The Science of Psychedelic Medicine

viii. The End of Kali Yuga

ix. How to Heal Earth

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